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Watls is an European brand based in Germany, specializing in portable energy solutions and in the manufacture of components and accessories for laptops, computers and tablets.

Watls will extend the useful life of your electronics by offering a wide range of components such as internal batteries, chargers and external batteries for laptops, tablets and smartphones

All Watls products are compatible with different operating systems and electronics brands sold in the world market.

Through its network of partners, Watls can accompany you from the conception to the completion of an energy solution for your needs and your product.

Our powerbank

Would like you to enjoy freely your devices wherever you go and whenever you want in the office or outdoor ? WatIs have the solution and allow you to stock and carry easily energy The Watls powerbanks will allow you to have an additional autonomy in case your device runs out of battery. They can also fully charge all Smartphones and other devices such as camera, PSP, GPS... It only requires the original device’s cable or a compatible cable. In case of low battery, simply connect the watls powerbank to the connector of your device and you can continue having calls, listening to music, sending sms, surfing the internet, watching a movie ... Due their small sizes, the Watls Powerbanks are the necessary accessories to keep in your bag or pocket to never face power failure!

Our AC power Adapters


The Watls AC power Adapters for tablets,netbook and notebook is compatible with most popular brands and most of their bestselling models


Our products are Made with quality components for powering your device to outperform similar products


The Watls AC power Adapters can be used as Replacement power either at home or at work

Our batteries

The Watls batteries are made of high quality cells and great brands using the lithium-ion technology.

All batteries designed and commercialized by Watls are compatible with all the popular brands of laptops, tablets and smartphones. They comply with various international standards such asCE, FCC, ROHS and are protected against short circuits.

To increase the service life of your Watls battery, disconnect the battery when the device is connected to a mains power or if you do not plan to use it for several months.

The packaging has been specially designed and sealed to protect the battery against moisture

Il ya une force plus puissante que la vapeur et de l’électricité:la volonté.!!

Fernán Caballero

Our engagements

Our products are manufactured in accordance with European regulations on safety and environmental footprint.

Our factories respect the rights of labor laws and use strict control procedures throughout the production chain from the beginning of the assembly to the finished package

We use top quality electronic components through the use of leading suppliers of leading brands in Europe and Asia

Our packaging is vegetable matter . recycled and renewable and respect for people and the environment

In each country where the brand's products are marketed, Watls working with local partners for the collection and recycling of various electronic components in accordance with professional standards All Watls partners must collect the goods reported by customers who are destined for recycling

Devenir partenaire


The commercial policy of the brand Watls is based on a worldwide network of distribution and service Partners in major cities of the main countries.

Watls does not have its own outlets but their products are available in partner's malls and stores of electronic products.

Watls also relies on the major search engines and e-commerce online stores proponents of high-tech products.

If you want to become our partner and benefit from our support, please contact us at the following email address: 

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